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Camira Registered Accountants and Auditors is a well-established audit and accounting firm based in Pretoria. We provide a comprehensive range of services to our clients. Our energetic and positive approach to daily business solutions gives you the upper edge on your competitors. We have a unique blend of services by partnering ourselves with relevant and suitably experienced professionals, such as Lawyers and Advocates.


During the year 2000, Marica Gerber CA (SA), decided to offer her skills to small and medium businesses. She believes these companies are in need of and deserve the same service levels and quality of work that one would expect from any of the Big 4 Audit firms. Unfortunately, most small and medium businesses cannot afford the tariffs of these big firms.


A team of professionals will provide you with the best service and advice. Continuous training ensures that all the personnel maintain high technical standards to provide you and your legal entities with the best advice, whilst adding value to your business.


We strive to offer a one stop solution on all business related activities to our own and prospective clients. By simply raising the bar in the financial industry, Camira goes beyond basic services, we create friendships!

Marica Gerber is a registered Accountant and Auditor. She has been in practice for 16 years and hold you, as client, in high regard.

She strive to offer you excellent service at affordable prices and pride herself on her clients becoming valuable assets of the company. She strongly believes that when we combine our efforts, we can make your business excel.

After completing her articles, she joined Deloitte’s Specialized Services Group & Forensic Accounting Department.

During the year 2000 she decided to offer her skills to small & medium businesses. She believes that these companies are in need of and deserve the same service levels and quality of work that one would expect from any of the Big 4 Audit firms. Unfortunately, most small & medium businesses cannot afford the tariffs of these big firms.

Apart from her CA(SA) qualification, she passed higher diplomas in Forensic Accounting and B-BBEE with distinction. She is a registered Master Tax Practitioner and takes part in various continuous professional development programs.

The firm consists of her, managers with adequate experience in various fields, trainee accountants, an Advocate and a team of dedicated bookkeepers. We are a Training Office for SAICA/ IRBA trainees as well as SAIPA. Marica Gerber personally oversees all the accounting and auditing work in the practice.

We offer conferences and seminars. Most of these conferences and seminars are free of charge to our clients. The aim of these are to equip you as a small or medium business owner to manage your business more efficiently and profitably. It informs you of various legislative instruments applicable to you and your business, as well as the interactive working of legal entities. It also offers the opportunity to attendees to network with other businesses.

We started a Management Consulting Division. This will assist your business through the provision of managerial input based on Financial Data Analysis. The aim here is to equip and to teach the business owner to make sound business decisions in the future.

Should you require any assistance with your business, please do not hesitate to contact my practice.



Bookkeeping &











Monthly Bookkeeping

  • Monthly accounting – capturing of invoices, bills and other documents.
  • Preparation of monthly or bi-monthly Income Statement, Balance sheet and Cash flow Statement.
  • Calculating of VAT amounts payable.
  • Calculating of monthly PAYE amounts payable.


Preparation of Budgets

We assist our clients to prepare monthly and yearly budgets as well as 3 yearly forecasts. With the input of the client we ensure that goals are reachable and the provisions are complete. This service we perform for the purpose of managerial use, applications for finance and submissions for tender purposes.


Preparation of Business Plans and Assistance in Website creation.

We assist Clients to prepare a Professional Business plan which all the necessary information. We ensure that the sections.

  • Who we are,
  • Mission and,
  • Vision

are completed and a full disclosure of the applicable company abilities are documented. We refrain from general statements but rather ensure that the company will be able to deliver what they envision.

Preparation of Financial Statements

  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements in accordance to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Preparation of Financial Statements in accordance to the Companies Act either as Audited Financial Statements, Independently reviewed Financial Statements or as Compilation Financial Statements.



We perform Statutory Audits as required by the Company’s Act, Act 61 of 1973. We follow the guidance of the International Auditing Standards (IAS). We also perform voluntary Audits to provide to you, as the business owner reasonable assurance on the accuracy of the reflection of your business on the Financial Statements.


Request for specific audit work will also be performed, e.g. Internal Controls Audit.


We perform Health and Safety Audits in accordance to the relevant legislation.


Law Society audits

We report to The Law Society of South Africa in terms of rule 70 of the rules of the Law Society and the Attorney’s Fidelity Fund on lawyer trust accounts.


Services related to SARS

  • Registrations – refer to Registrations section.
  • Calculating of VAT amounts payable.
  • Calculating of monthly PAYE amounts payable.
  • Submission of all SARS returns.
  • Loading payments on the system to enable the client to release the payment, even from the convenience of his/her phone.
  • Negotiations with SARS on clients’ behalf to reach a compromise and reduce the amount of Income Tax, Employee Tax or VAT due to SARS.
  • Objecting against incorrect Assessments.



  • Income Tax registrations,
  • Employee Tax registrations (PAYE),
  • Value Added Tax registrations (VAT),
  • Application for Tax Exemption as a Public Benefit Organisation,
  • Section 18A registrations,
  • Obtaining Import and Export permits,
  • Workmen’s Compensation (COIDA),
  • UIF – Unemployment Insurance fund,
  • CIDB – Construction Industry Development Board.


Tax advice

We assist in the structuring of all affairs to attain the ultimate Tax position. This ensures Tax savings while still abiding by the Law. We advise clients on the tax implications of their actions and offer reachable solutions.


Management advice

We perform this on request. We have a service where a client can subscribe and we interpret the business data monthly. It is important for us that the client revisit the position of his/her company frequently. Prevention is better than cure. With analysis and specific formulas and forecasts we provide you with insight on the current status of your business, provide you with input to improve the results of your business. We also make reasonable forecasts on the effect of your actions or lack thereof.


Kindly note that we cannot be your auditor and provide Managerial advice and assist with Managerial decisions


Disputed Divorces

We have a thorough knowledge of Family Law. We use our blend of Law and Accounting/Audit experience to assist you in preparation of your file to supply to your Lawyer to prepare his Court file. This specifically saves our client a lot of money as you hand a prepared file to the Lawyer. Very little consultation is then needed with our client as all the facts are already in a logical order. Our rates per hour for the file preparation is very affordable. We ensure that the details on the Financial position and any Financial needs are reliable and thorough. As an Audit firm we have the ability to express an audit opinion on the figures in the Financial Reports.


Parenting Plans and Maintenance Reconciliations

We assist as independent individuals to compile Parenting Plans. We have thorough knowledge and experience in all matters concerning Parenting plans. We have access to all psychological assistance should it be needed. We believe that a parenting plan should be a custom made plan that suit the needs and abilities of both parents while it is still in the best interest of the child.


We assist in the calculation of fair maintenance by performing bookkeeping services on the monthly expenses of both parents. This eliminates the need to approach a maintenance court with the possibility of costs involved as well as frustration and waste of time. We capture any additional cost that occur on a month by month basis. This will enable the parties to reconcile from independent data. Our reconciliations were also used with great success previously in court during disputes where one party decided to use our services. We keep the information of each party confidential. We sign confidentiality agreements with each party. Should we supply a report to court we will only use the relevant information approved by each party. This service is performed on a monthly retainer amount. You will receive a monthly report detailing your expenses.


Statutory services

  • Registration of Companies, Non-Profit Companies and External Companies.
  • Share issues, Share Transfers and replacement of lost Share Certificates.
  • Compilation and/or update of the Combined Company Register in accordance to the Companies Act.
  • Preparation of the prescribed Directors and Shareholders minutes of meeting in accordance to the Companies Act.
  • Director Changes, Name Changes, Address changes.


Formation of Trusts

Trusts are formed and crafted to fulfill each individual’s custom need. Our aim is to not only enable you to deal with your affairs in the most tax efficient way but also to ensure that the trust is crafted to take care of your specific family needs. We pay special attention to the protection of minors.



  • Submission of Annual declarations to the Office of the Workmen’s Compensation Commissioner and
  • Submissions of the Employment Equity reports.
  • B-BBEE related services
  • Performing B-BBEE Audits and issue B-BBEE certificates.
  • Supply explanatory letters to clients on the B-BBEE recognition level of entities who only have to supply a sworn affidavit.
  • B-BBEE Advisory services including but not limited to:
  • Notify the client of any changes in the BEE codes or the interpretations thereof;
  • Explain the assessment tools;
  • Explain the necessary documents required for assessment;
  • Identify target elements;
  • Identify areas of concern;
  • Devise a tailored BEE strategy to obtain the desired level;
  • Advise the Client on actions required to achieve level;
  • Report to Client on the progress with regards to obtaining set goals and targets;
  • Adjust the strategy where necessary;
  • Attend to any urgent matters;
  • Report on the annual BEE rating and identify successes and failures and report back with proposed solutions to rectify shortfalls;
  • Set targets for next BEE rating;
  • Devise a suitable strategy to achieve the desired outcome for the next BEE rating.


Assistance with Liquidations

We strive to prevent a position where a Company has to liquidate. We apply all measures and consider liquidation as the last resort. Once a liquidation is inevitable we guide you through the process to ensure a smooth as possible ending.


Assistance with Business rescue

As part of our commitment to secure the continuance of a business we provide the complete range of Business Rescue services in conjunction with a well-known legal firm established already in 1929.


Assistance with Mergers, take overs, Buy-outs and Due diligence investigations

We provide the full solution for any Mergers, Acquisitions and take overs. This is a highly specialised service. We are supported by Legal teams and professionals with Human Resources and Labour Law experience to ensure a problem free Merger, Acquisition or Take-over. We take full responsibility of the due diligence process to ensure you indeed purchase what you think you purchase.


Health and Safety and Human Resources solutions

We provide you with assistance varying from employment to retrenchment of employees. We perform Health and Safety Audits and risk assessments. Assist with general policies, flow diagrams and organograms. We draft all your relevant manuals, e.g. Health and Safety Manual, Industrial Relations Manual, customised Standard Operating procedures. We provide as part of Health and Safety Audits sign surveys.



We perform all the services needed for Deceased and Insolvent Estates.





Forensic Investigations

We perform Forensic Investigations using procedures that we discuss with the client upfront. We design our procedures to meet the needs of the client, e.g. using the surprise element or to perform an open investigation that each employee is aware off.


We assist with the initial exposure of fraud in a company by providing the following services:

  • Measures to safe guard the assets of the business;
  • Safeguarding physical and IT evidence for internal or criminal prosecution use;
  • Supply experts to question staff;
  • Supply experts to de-brief the innocent staff and to deal with all Labour related issues, e.g. immediate resignations;
  • We arrange VIP protection where necessary and requested for by using our specialised subcontractors.

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